1. Executive Search & Selection
  2. Appropriate where the position needing to be filled is senior and the qualified candidates are few. Hiring managers are held accountable for quality talent acquisition in this competitive sector. Our search process guarantees satisfaction and results.
    Our consultants are fully aware of what it takes to acquire great people, and we also understand and alleviate the pressures felt by clients in need of outstanding employees. We identify and target a specific set of candidates, following detailed discussions with our client. Candidates are then approached and their suitability is ascertained before we invite them in for interview, where they go through the rigorous screening and interview process. Our complete understanding of the recruiting process and creative solutions put transitioning employees at ease.

  3. Permanent Placement
  4. At Job Hunt, we use a robust resume database to effectively source for the right candidates. Our database allows us to search for candidates using highly specific requirements in order to ensure the results are accurate and efficient. We do not just rely on technology alone; our thorough and proven interview screening techniques ensure that all candidates put forward have high quality backgrounds and experience.
    When you combine our technology with our expertise, you can be assured of the right result. This enables us to compile shortlists of potential candidates for specific client needs quickly and effectively.

  5. Contract Outsourcing
  6. Outsourcing of manpower has become a common practice nowadays. There is always a requirement of professionally qualified and skilled staff in any organization. With the increasing demands of the industry, there is not enough time to get into the complexities of selecting a candidate. In those cases where you have project-based needs or would like to see a candidate in action before making a full-time hire, this option may be the right choice.
    Our team of efficient and experienced consultants takes care of all aspects of the hiring process, so that you see only qualified candidates, with real potential, at interviews. Our consultants possess excellent communication skills, the ability to judge people, a good power of understanding and grasping.

  7. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  8. Recruitment process is a critical function in any organization which includes sourcing, assessment, interviewing, and sometimes new-hire administration and orientation. It is a task that consumes the time of many dedicated resources in-house.
    By outsourcing your recruitment process, you are able to focus on your key activities like business development and planning. RPO is a cost-effective, scalable service designed to provide organizations of every size and industry with additional recruiting capacity for hiring projects and/or provide long-term strategic service integrations as a single-source partner. By leveraging on the talents and efficiencies of our seasoned recruiters, RPO helps organizations augment capacity, build upon internal strengths and maximize the efficiency of current human resource staff.

  9. Payroll Administration
  10. Developed specifically for small to medium size businesses, Payroll Administration streamlines the payroll process, improves productivity and management reporting, and simplifies administration year-round. Once you are set up, just tell us how many hours each employee worked. We will calculate your payroll, including the deductions and withholdings for all relevant tax jurisdictions. You will receive professionally printed checks, pay vouchers, and reports – all delivered to your door and ready for payday.

  11. Career Day
  12. Appropriate when there are multiple vacancies needed to be filled within a short period of time. Our hiring managers are held accountable for quality talent screening in this competitive sector. Our selection process guarantees satisfaction and results.
    By using our Career Day, you are able to recruit a large number of candidates within the shortest period of time. Career Day is a cost-effective, scalable service designed to provide organizations of every size and industry with additional recruiting capacity for hiring projects.

  13. Behavioral Assessment Techniques
  14. To enhance the effectiveness and accuracy of our selection process for the benefit of our clients, we apply internationally recognized psychometric techniques. This allows you to reduce the risk of a poor recruitment and increases the possibility of recruiting individuals who are tailored to your business.

  15. HR & Corporate Events
  16. Held specifically to enhance the knowledge of our corporate clients and to build closer relationships by providing a dynamic platform for the HR specialists to meet and exchange ideas.

  17. Contact Centre Outsourcing
  18. A state of the art contact centre, Job Hunt Call Centre (JHCC) specializes in BPO turnkey operations, our team specializes in sales, customer support and back office operations based processes. We serve a perfect blend of inbound and outbound capabilities covering all companies in the verticals of Hospitality, Events & Ticketing, Engineering and Tourist Info-line Services. Our core-competency includes Transaction processing, Sales & Support and Product Inquiry. We also offer Customer Service, Billing, Registration, E-mail, Web chat and fax inquiry.