Our consistently successful recruitment experience has enabled us to develop a well-defined process that can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of each assignment. Each step is clearly focused on identifying, attracting and evaluating outstanding candidates, so that you see only qualified candidates with real potential and thereby positively impact the overall competency and success of the entire organization.
We routinely communicate with clients by phone, e-mail and personal meetings on a weekly basis to ensure continual client awareness of the progress of the project.

  • Position Analysis
  • The objectives of this phase are for the consultant to: truly understand the client, its organization and the factors that enable one to succeed within it; understand the overall market conditions within which our client operates, including key competitors and market trends; formulate, with the client, a list of the specific characteristics and experience that will be possessed by qualified candidates; and finally, agree with the client on the specific strategy to be followed.
    Once the analysis is completed, we prepare a unique profile that outlines the responsibilities, experience and skills required of the “ideal candidate”. This document outlines the scope of work the firm will perform during and after the recruitment, identification, assessment, verification and attraction process.

  • Research
  • Once the ideal candidate profile has been agreed upon, we then commence extensive research into those organizations where well-qualified candidates are likely to be employed. In addition, we will often suggest researching “out of the box” organizations where our experience has determined that excellent executives likely to meet our position requirements may well be found. As this phase progresses, we will often communicate with our client to calibrate the results of the research performed to date.

  • Candidate Screening and Evaluation
  • At this point we begin an extensive contact effort, during which we speak with potential candidates identified during the research phase. We normally identify between 10 to 15 candidates that appear to fully meet the selection criteria defined at the start of the process. We then meet them individually to conduct a series of interviews which includes language assessment that focus on evaluating candidate competencies in those specific areas identified by our client.
    Detailed profiles and justification statements are presented pertaining to each candidate’s business capabilities as well as any relevant strategic and tactical experience for our clients to review. Typically, we recommend that our client meet with the three to five most attractive candidates, and then prepare full presentations for each of these candidates.

  • Client Interviews and Reference Checking
  • Once our client selects the candidates they wish to meet, we assist in arranging the interview process. After our client and candidates meet, we provide feedback from these meetings to all involved, and then work with our client to identify the lead and backup candidates. Once the finalist has been determined, we assist with reference checks for the client’s confidential review.

  • Offer and Employment
  • When our client and the lead candidate are totally comfortable that their potential association is the right move, we then work with our client to prepare an appropriate, market competitive employment offer. We are then actively involved during the extension of the offer and the creation of the final agreement.

  • Follow-Up
  • We have a vested interest in the success of both our client and the candidate. Therefore, we work to facilitate the transition and continue to act as a liaison.